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April 13, 2019

Inspiration and hope are hard to come by these days. As soon as one horrific news report of some racist / sexist assault on our bodies and minds is "trending" (including the post-Mueller Report deflation), here comes another soul smashing tragedy, and then another, and another, and so on and so on.  Daily—everyday, all day, there are righteous outcries loading up our in-boxes and across social media begging us to get involved, care more, do more, sign the petition, send money, DO SOMETHING BIGGER!  

It is overwhelming.  Especially in this over-crowded city.  

Recognizing that I was carrying around guilt (for forgetting my ancestors), plus a boat-load of anger and disappointment in our society and government, I definitely needed to take a break.  After 18 years of calling myself a community...

February 14, 2018

Sisterly Greetings,

In the first blog post I've written for The MANY in six years(!), I decided to share what was in my email inbox today.  Upon opening, I immediately saw three notices pertaining to the constant and oppressive issues of racism.  Three in a right after the other.  I'm blogging again to get the thinking-out-loud, writing process in motion; actually motivated by the content in the three emails.  I'm sharing them here because each carries its own importance to us as thinking, caring women & moms, ed-activists and "community-other" mothers.

I hope you will give each of the three your attention and for your review below, I've numbered them.  There's no real commentary attached (except for #1-- from my special Imani and maybe a line in #3— I couldn't hold back.)...

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April 13, 2019

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