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is collecting true

mother-courage stories

for the Ubuntu*


and we would like

to include yours.

*Ubuntu has its origins in the Bantu languages of Southern Africa. According to the internet, some researchers consider it a "humanist philosophy or worldview that focuses on people's allegiances and relations with each other." 

We believe that the term refers to our collective humanity and a desire to thrive in a positive community of caring and sharing.

Literally translated, Unbuntu means "I am because we are."  


The Mothers' Agenda NY firmly believes that a quality educational system— steeped in human rights and democracy for all— is worthy of our long struggle. It's super important to advocate, agitate and organize! In time, all of our united efforts will matter to our children and this city’s future. Remember, if you need help organizing at your school, reach out to us. Unbuntu: We are the many!  

If you are a NYC mom or female public school worker interested in participating in the documentation of your courageous struggle with the NYC education system (anytime from 2002 to today), please click on the purple heart below, or go to the Contact page to send an email asking to schedule an interview. 

Brave Hearts

The Brave Hearts project has been created to ensure that the grassroots efforts to challenge the status quo, and demand excellence from our school system, are not forgotten when the history of education in NYC is told.  
The project is intentionally designed to be a safe space for historically disenfranchised mothers and women to tell their education and advocacy stories to us. 
This project's goal is to tell women's, mothers' and "community-other" mothers' stories of challenging public school policies through a multimedia exhibit of photos, moving images, spoken words, and graphics that will showcase the extraordinary hearts and resiliency of NYC's brave mothers.
Each personal experience of struggle to overcome the NYC DoE's oppressive policies, not only inspires others, but also teaches future moms, dads, and school workers how to successfully advocate for change— all the while still navigating our massively bureaucratic system of top-down governance. 
Our education stories of
struggle during the years of
mayoral control
 are powerful testaments
to our female
Strength, Resistance,
and Resilience!

Project Details:

Please know that we are specifically interested in learning about your journey thus far with public education. The project begins by speaking on the phone and then making a plan to meet with a "Brain-Trust" member of The MANY either virtually, or in-person if that's an option. Each recorded session should last about 60 to 90 minutes.

Since this is a Multi-media Art and Herstory project, we want to include a large photo of you and your child(ren), along with any pictures you may have taken at your child's school. We'd like to add videos, audio recordings, and any school letters,
fliers, reports— or whatever you will allow to be included in telling of your uniquely important story. 

The plan is to create a formal Art Installation/Exhibit and Report. We're hoping to pair volunteers in our Brave Heart project with parents/grandparents who are new to the school system so they have a wise "elder" to call upon when needed. (And those special experiences might even be added into Our Brave Hearts Book!) 

We're specifically looking to work with an archival specialist from a library or
, and we look forward to explaining what we intend to do with all the stories collected. 

If you are an artist and would like to lend a creative hand to the Brave Hearts project— we'd love to have your help!  

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