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Activate your membership through the PayPal button.  Upon remittance you will be

officially welcomed as either a new, or

returning member in good standing.

Please expect an email from us with a quick questionnaire to learn about your interests. 

Thank you!


We're excited to get to know you and hope you'll remember: we're here to support and welcome you... always!

The MANY has what

no other group can claim;

an untapped power in

the moral authority

of motherhood. 

Why we established a membership fee & what the benefits are of being a member:

• First and foremost, membership provides the monied means to

shine a light on, and challenge existing public policies that impact us all.  


• Membership pays for this website plus external costs such as photocopying, printing and mailing, event registrations, and sometimes, minor contributions to other women's groups and progressive education organizations.  However, our own attendance as panelists and speakers, co-hosts and sponsors of The MANY's events has almost always been absorbed by our brain-trust from their own pocketbooks.  We realize we can't sustain what we do without fundraising and collecting annual Membership dues really helps.

• Members enjoy being part of a progressive and uniquely nurturing activist group of women who are ready and able to speak up and out! For example, member activists in education are available to discuss and assist in school problems by advocating for you and your child through in-person meetings, phone calls, emails, and letter writing to school administrators and public officials on your behalf.  

The Mothers' Agenda NY is grateful to have the BlackWomen's Blueprint, a certified 501c-3, as our fiscal sponsor. They are awesome! Click here to link to BWPB's website and follow them on social media. 

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