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Activist sister-friends have an organic way of birthing solutions, not just for each other's problems, but also for our neighborhood communities, its children, teens and elders.  

Village Talks

Since inception, The MANY's co-founders decided that rather than asking busy moms and women to meet every month, we would host small-circle gatherings around particular topics and invite 5 to 15 inter-generational attendees to:

  1. get to know one another in a relaxed setting;

  2. find commonality in issues and similar concerns;

  3. share our individual truths in a safe and nurturing space;

  4. talk through ideas, problem-solve and devise realistic / workable remedies that made our lives better. 

Because these gatherings are intended to be welcoming, warm and informal, Village Talks take place in living rooms, around kitchen tables, in coffee shops, library meeting rooms and in parks when the weather is too perfect to be indoors.


Invitations are generally sent by email from The MANY's email address. We can also create a flier for you or help making phone calls.  

The talks last about 2 to 2-1/2 hours and are interesting gatherings focused on matters we are experiencing.  Discussions tend to be towards issues plaguing our lives: children's schooling, racism, sexism, changing social & cultural norms, finances and making ends meet, etc.  The conversations almost always slant towards how to change society and the political arena.  They always end with something new learned... or a new friend, and positive connection made.   

The collective Black/Brown women's community has wisdom. 

The MANY encourages women educators and moms to come together as solution-aires.  Ultimately our goal is to elevate (and reinforce) society's consciousness in our moral authority.  As bearers of life— given the divine power to birth and nurture humanity— we may not all agree on everything, but there's no denying this world is better with our care. 


Right now, society is forced into a new consciousness about abusive power dynamics and sexual harassment.  Thank you, Anita Hill and Tarana Burke (originator of the Me Too movement) for all you have done to call attention and advance the dialogue!  At a societal tipping point, suddenly there are many women bravely naming names and speaking the previously unspeakable about powerful men.  In response, these abusers are rightfully feeling the wrath of shame and (oh yeah!) joblessness.      

Still, the work to be done given the administration in DC and how its shaping mindsets, tests our resolve.  The feelings of uncertainty and overwhelm in our nation— and where all caring residents stand in it— increase with each racist, sexist, xenophobic, bullying, lying and distorted tweet the POTUS writes.  

Our counter has 3 steps to embrace resistance and increase resilience:

  1. TALK! Gather together to discuss events, share thoughts, exchange ideas and support one another.  We encourage ALL caring women to join a group of like-minded individuals, even if it's not The MANY.  

  2. ORGANIZE! In unity, there's strength and power.  

  3.  UNITE!If you or your women's group have interest in helping The Mothers' Agenda think through a host of Mom Actions in America (MAA!), please get in touch.  We really are the nation's many when it comes to loving and wanting to protect our children— no matter their age or ours.

This is our time to show the world we exist and it's our right to demand better from it for ourselves... and our daughters and sons. 

Members are encouraged to host their own Village Talks and

invite their women friends, neighbors and co-workers to join in on the conversation.

From there, we have the power to democratically decide on shared tasks and plans for action.  

Contact us today!

Please send us an email to inform

us at least 2-3 weeks

in advance of hosting your

Village Talk

to allow one of our brain-trust

members to be there to assist in

facilitating the conversation. 

We'll need only a few minutes from the 

meeting for sharing ideas aimed at

helping to uplift one another, and

make known The MANY's 

mission and vision.

Thank you for your willingness to lift up another sister as we all climb.  

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