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For the last 20 years, Mayoral Control has governed the public school system in NYC. This state sanctioned, top-down control structure dictates what happens inside our schools, and rules over 1.1 million children and their parents. Since the pandemic, mayoral control is once again a "hot topic" in the news, although few media outlets are giving attention to the thousands of parents, teachers and community activists who strongly believe that Mayoral Control needs to be replaced with a better, more democratic system. A system accountable to the parents, teachers, students and the diverse communities our public schools' reside in.  NY State has over 705 democratically elected school boards, NYC has none.  Only Yonkers and NYC are entirely governed by the whims of a mayor. 

No matter who he or she is, no solo politician should ever again be in total control over our public schools.

Clink on the image below to be taken to the registration page for this important Parent Forum presented by the NYC Coalition to Finally End Mayoral Control.

The MANY is strongly opposed to the re-authorization of Mayoral Control in June 2022 by NY State Legislators.  

The MANY's Director, Benita Rivera and Treasurer, Charmaine Phillip helped four other, long-time education & community activists

co-found the NYC Coalition to Finally End Mayoral Control 2022.


We hope you will consider joining that movement to ABOLISH mayoral control and replace it with an alternative system of democratic, and human rights-based governance.  More info is at:

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