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A Blizzard of Faith

Feelin' the freeze in NYC that Saturday in February as the heavy snow was blowing and everything looked brand new, clean and fresh. Though my raggedy boots and old walking stick were sliding all over the sidewalk and the air was chilling my eyeballs and lashes, I felt pretty good, though cold as I was. I stopped walking/sliding to adjust the heavy pack of groceries loaded on my back and right in front of First Presbyterian Church of Brooklyn, noticed their bulletin board that read: "ALL BLACK LIVES MATTER." It gave me an immediate sense of warmth, and in my very first selfie-video, I decided to share what was in my heart. Have faith that we're all gonna' be OK eventually. Spring will come, the masks will fall, and together we will lift each other up and out of our doldrums.

In the "mean" time, stay safe. Stay well. Stay strong, y'all. Be the love our city needs. - Be


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