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- The MANY

"United, we can actually make politicians listen to their mothers."

• Parent Advocacy & Networking
• Brave Hearts Activism
• EDISAWI (Participatory Action Research) 
• Village Talks
• Events: Film Screenings & Discussions
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Meet The MANY Women
Led by a brain-trust of women of color, our grassroots membership group is comprised of NYC women from a variety of backgrounds. 


Here's a surprise: not all of us are mothers.


Indeed most of us are, but many of us aren't.  Some members are career educators, some are continuing ed students, artists, administrative assistants, managers, promising writers and more.  Some are unemployed and looking for work.  A number of us are married moms, and many more are single with children.  Some of us are also grandmoms, God-moms, aunties, and sisters.  

As categorically different as we may be, all of us are someone's daughter, raised to honor our backgrounds. At this most critical time, we're discussing the impact of racism and sexism with greater candor in inter-racial spaces and working diligently to elevate the moral authority of mothering and womanhood.

We call ourselves THE MANY, because we are.  


We are a caring, multi-faceted, highly capable membership group of women who want to live in a safe and just society where women are respected and valued, where care and concern for humanity are upheld, and where we, and our children and families, can thrive.  

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Women's rights are human rights.

Unite in the fight. Join Us. 

Benefits of Membership


  • A caring sister-circle of wise, inter-generational women activists of all faiths and backgrounds


  • Advocacy: voluntary one-to-one and group support in problem-solving issues affecting kids and work


  • Help from alumni-parent leaders and member educators for navigating the many layers of bureaucracy in our public school system and in some instances, helping to access city and legal services  


  • Networking and Women's Leadership Development 


  • Opportunities for personal growth and shared learning through Village Talks and collaborations with other local and national activist groups


  • Informative discussions with guest presenters on topics affecting our lives     

  • Safe space for sharing difficult topics concerning the victimization and harassment of women, mothers and children

  • Knowledge on the fundamental rights of all human beings so that we are continually dialoguing about rights, and respect and accountability in our individual communities, familiar, social and political circles.  


Led by Black women, there's power in our knowledge and life-affirming wisdom in our sisterhood.

Become a member today!

Introducing some of our MANY Influencers:

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... and Queen Mother Dr. Adelaide Sanford!

Vice Chancellor Emeritas, NY State Board of Regents. Please click her image to open a video introducing her powerful lecture:

"Afrocentric Education is a Human Right."   

- The Mothers' Agenda NY -

Based in Brooklyn,

but supporting women

and mothers throughout

the City of New York and beyond!

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Trained as a lawyer, Rosemari is a political activist, artist, professor and author. Her most recent book is "Activism and Disciplinary Suspensions/Expulsions at Historically Black Colleges & Universities, HBCUS: A Phenomenological Study of the Black Student Sit-In Movement, 1960-1962." Of her many awards, she also is the recipient of the Friendship Award by the Cuban Council of State. A liberation feminist & former Black Panther, she's a strong role model & wise sister friend of The MANY.

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